I saw a report recently that suggested a quarter of leavers were getting out of the hospitality industry, and a further quarter were resigning because of bad experiences.  Only a small proportion of leavers were leaving to go to a competitor.  What are you doing to fight this damning image of the hospitality sector?  These stats and then images like this need to be fought head-on.  It’s more than just a pay thing.    The pan-demic has taught us all that employees now expect more than a pay packet for their commitment and hard work.  Expectations include flexible working or perhaps shift patterns that are fair.  How damaging Zero Hour Contracts actually are to loyalty and commitment has been exposed with so few applicants to replace those leaving.  They may well help achieve a % but no-one will stay if hours are not enough to pay the bills and live.  Will we see a return to guaranteed hours at different increments?

While pay has been traditionally low, other factors now play an important role.  Work-life-balance, not working every weekend or busy evening, rotas that show a concern for employees’ life outside of work can help stop the tide of departures.  Hospitality provides a rich, varied and fun career but it needs leaders to think differently to what it was like when they were working their way up the ranks.  What was acceptable then (such as this picture) isn’t any more.  Get in touch to discuss what ways you can make yourself an employer of choice by making sure that work and life can exist in harmony without one encroaching on the other