365 People Support is honored to announce its sponsorship of the Hospitality Business of the Year Award category at the upcoming Wigan Business Awards.

As experts in HR for hospitality businesses, we recognise the importance of this sector and are thrilled to support its recognition through this sponsorship.

“We are delighted to sponsor the Hospitality Business of the Year Award category at this year’s Wigan Business Awards,” says James Carman, owner of 365 People Support.

“This sponsorship aligns perfectly with our mission to support and empower businesses in the hospitality sector. This sector has been hit particularly hard over the past few years and so we can’t wait to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Wigan businesses in this industry.  The awards will provide a much-needed platform to showcase their incredible contributions to the local community.”

The organisers of the Wigan Business Awards are equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “We are grateful for the generous support of 365 People Support,” says Nichola Howard. “Their sponsorship of the Hospitality Business of the Year Award category highlights their commitment to promoting excellence in the hospitality sector. We are excited to collaborate with James to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Wigan’s hospitality businesses.”

The Hospitality Business of the Year Award category acknowledges businesses that excel in providing exceptional hospitality services.

From hotels, bars, and restaurants to event venues and catering services, this award recognises the dedication and innovation of businesses that enhance the hospitality experience for their customers.

The Wigan Business Awards will take place on Friday 8th November at The Edge, Wigan. For more information about the awards and sponsorship opportunities, visit https://wiganbusinessawards.co.uk/

Wigan Hospitality Business of the Year Category