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Mercury Support

The team at mercury support are passionate about our clients. We want to be an extension of your business not seen as a third party supplier. We spend a great deal of time and effort looking at the needs of clients in a pragmatic and considered way. We look at your needs from every angle

So let's talk

So Let’s Talk is a not-for-profit platform with a mission to 86 the silence.
We exist to provide education, events, training and activities on all aspects of mental, physical and financial health inside of the hospitality industry.

Escape people admin and focus on what matters

Developing a high-performing team is essential for business success. But time-consuming people admin could be holding you back. Join 9500+ small businesses who are reaping the benefits of people-first HR software.

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Extended DISC Assessments

Enhance yours or your team’s performance by understanding your communication styles and how to adjust them to effectively work with different styles.  One questionnaire can deliver insights for self and team development

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Are you after awesome talent?

Getting the right people for your company can be tough. We’re all about helping smaller organisations with your HR and recruitment – so you can find the people you need and smoothly get them on-board