What is Retention?

The recruitment of good employees is more challenging than ever with the cocktail of Brexit and the Pandemic reducing the number of suitable applicants

More crucial now than before, the key is to retain the good, well-trained employees you already have. 

Extended DISC Assessments

Enhance yours or your team’s performance by understanding your communication styles and how to adjust them to effectively work with different styles.  One questionnaire can deliver insights for self and team development

Become a local employer of choice through:

Employee Experience

Employee Life Cycle

We can advise on all aspects of employee relations from on-boarding to exit interviews we can develop the right plans for you

Employee Well-being

An increasingly sought-after requirement from the best employees, knowing that their employers build it in to their business model


we can advise on opportunities to develop your organisational culture to be inclusive, supportive, high performance and fun


implement cost effective initiatives to improve your employee commitment and engagement, to deliver ‘best in class,’ customer service

Leadership Development

“Develop them so that they can leave, but look after them so that they don’t want to” – Richard Branson

Talent Management

Develop your key players so that they are loyal, committed and want to stay

Strength development

We use assessment tools to build your team’s strengths

360 degree feedback

Use feedback from different angles for leadership development

Coaching & mentoring

Coach leadership skills into your core team and strengthen your bench team. Your line managers and supervisors drive your retention and engagement. Make sure they are the best they can be and the right fit

Training Programmes

Management Development to Customer Service, designed with your business values and objectives front of mind

Performance management

we can design and recommend performance management systems that work for your business and objectives


Reduced Recruitment and Training Costs

Stronger more confident teams

Consistency of Product and Service

More regular customers

More profits

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