Leadership Development and Coaching

According to a recent FSB report ‘Scaling Up Skills’, 78% of small businesses have experienced recruitment difficulties over the last 12 months.

And 40% of sole traders haven’t undertaken any training or self-development in the last 12 months.

Recruitment is only half the story. The other half, and the half that can be solved more easily and with lower cost is retention.

Everyone is talking about the importance of retention but how is this actually being done? Increased wages and benefits may well help retain people, but do these ‘hygiene’ factors engage them, inspire loyalty and ultimately productivity?

Engagement, commitment, and loyalty begin with the organisation’s values – what are they and are they truly lived and breathed, and not just words on a page that sound good?

For me, the biggest factor is management and leadership. It’s well established that the majority of leavers leave people not organisations. I know I certainly have at times.

Investing in developing your leaders is an investment that can reduce the number of leavers, reduce recruitment costs, increase engagement, customer service and productivity as well as reduce induction and training costs.

Investing in coaching is not just for execs!

Investing in coaching of middle managers has huge potential and too often over-looked.

As a qualified coach and mentor, I have helped leaders to be their best selves, which through improving their own engagement and self-awareness has had huge benefits for their organisations.