Strategic People Support

What is Strategic People Support?

Your greatest asset needs a strategy to ensure your employees have a sustainable and positive impact on your business

Develop your People Strategies

Having a people strategy can focus your recruitment and retention activities. We can advise, consult, and help write your people strategy, and can be as simple or as detailed as your business requires. A small independent business will not need the same style and size as a multi-venue business

We guarantee to be Pragmatic, Cost Effective and Relevant

Culture and Engagement

Your organisational culture can drive your employee engagement which can improve retention rates of employees.  The actions of you and your management are crucial in delivering a credible culture and engagement strategy.

Through surveys and discussion, we can uncover what motivates your employees which will help drive your business performance.

With extensive operational as well as HR experience we can help write your business plan for expansion as well as your people strategy documents

Driving Performance

Achieved through improving your employee’s work experience.  Ensure they come to work, not because they have to, but because they WANT  to

Happy & Enthusiastic + Retained Employees = Great Guest Experiences

It’s the little things that matter – it’s often more than just a pay thing

Full HR Auditing Service

We offer a full auditing service, covering the full remit of the people function:

Review Policies & Procedures

Review People Practices within the Employee Life Cycle

Recommend Learning & Development opportunities

Workforce & Succession Planning

Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies


  • Know where you are going before you get there
  • A stronger business through people planning
  • Lower long term costs
  • Increased profits