In today’s climate, can you expect to retain and engage loyal employees if their working hours swing from high to low and back again with alarming inconsistency?

Living by averages (average pay each week/month, average hours to work out holiday entitlement) is stressful when balancing the finances and making ends meet providing little security or consistency of income.

Zero hours contracts help keep business’ costs flexible but offer little benefit to the employee. A Post-Covid environment of high vacancy and low applicant levels may be a good time to ‘level-up’?

Contracts don’t have to be for 40 hours or zero hours, but vary depending on business and individual needs, helping employees dovetail them into their lives and personal circumstances, and retaining them in the business.

Cross training employees for different roles can offer more hours for individuals, improve flexibility of rotas, provide variety of work, and potentially create a multi-skilled workforce.

Perhaps increasing employees’ certainty of income and their ability to perform different roles may ease the dual pains of recruitment and retention, making hospitality a more stable employment option, and therefore more attractive?

Think differently and talk to 365PeopleSupport about how we can help with your recruitment and retention pain and increase sales because you DO have enough employees